Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OH Fire Dept. to get sprinkler/fire house with fire grant funds

I happen to know the folks at Mobile Concepts pretty well. They make some amazing trailers for fire prevention and education. These trailers are eligible for the largest fire prevention grant available, the FP&S grant. In 2009 it was funded at $35 million. There is no reason to expect it won't be funded at the same level next year. Application period should be late summer, early fall.

Columbus Fire Dept. to buy sprinkler/fire house
By Adrian Sanchez

The Columbus Fire Department will have a simulator to educate Columbus and surrounding communities about fire safety following the City Council’s approval Monday of an $82,701 combination sprinkler/fire safety house.

The safety house will be utilizing a 2009 Fire Prevention Safety grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that will provide 90 percent of the funding with a 10 percent, $8,280 match from the city.

The 30-foot trailer will be able to simulate weather situations, including tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as a 911 phone system with a call-back feature.

The fire chief said the trailer will be an important educational tool to teach children and adults how to respond in emergency situations.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

North New Jersey Fire Dept Receives Fire Prevention Grant

One of the overlooked grants available for Fire Prevention & Safety projects, FM Global provides a grant program to support a wide array of fire prevention and safety intiatives. This grant is open year round for applications.

FM global is looking to fund the projects that clearly demonstrate a significant impact on preventing commercial and industrial fire losses.

There is no limit on how much funding departments can ask for, but really this should be used to get your department "seed money" to help the project get started.

Fire Department receives grant
Staff Writer
Waldwick Suburban News

The borough recently received a $2,500 fire prevention grant from Rhode Island-based FM Global, a leading property insurer, to assist emergency responders in pre-fire planning by having the resources to efficiently collect and track data related to local community buildings.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

CDBG funds Fire Vehicles for Tennessee Departments

It always warms my heart to see other opportunites that fund fire vehicles outside of the AFG Vehicle grant application. The CDBG is a great alternative especially if your response area serves a population with moderate or low income.

There are two ways to access CDBG funds either through the State Administered CDBG or if your area is within an Entitlement Community. Entitlement communities are generally larger cities or urban areas while the State administered CDBG program focuses on the smaller, rural cities and towns.

Contact your local municipal or county officials for more information on this grant - make sure they know about your vehicle project... if your local government or State officials cannot answer your questions, contact the HUD field office.

Happy funding!

Gleason, Palmersville awarded grants
Staff Writer

Governor Phil Bredesen and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matthew Kisber recently approved more than $28 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to assist with infrastructure improvements in Tennessee.

Of those funds, Weakley County will gain more than $375,000 reserved for Palmersville and the City of Gleason.

One of the grants received in the amount of $186,168 will benefit the Palmersville Fire Department and allow the rural department to purchase a new fire truck.

Funding for the $204,580 project will include $18,412 in local funds.

A second grant announced by the state will benefit the City of Gleason as it looks to make infrastructure improvements.

Gleason was awarded $190,217 to purchase a new fire truck for its department.
The project will cost approximately $196,100 with $5,883 of that amount in local funds.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SAFER 2009 Gets posted....

The much anticipated SAFER 2009 has been announced with an opening date of 16 Nov 2009 at 0800. Since the federal government has made changes to this years program through stimulus funding and rules changes make sure that your agency is prepared to review the Program Guidance that will be released as this grant opens for submissions.

There are several key things to remember when applying for funding under this grant program. Although the rules have changed, your agency and community must be prepared to handle funding for the additional personnel as well as the continuation of recruitment and retention programs once the grant funding has expired.

Remember, the SAFER grants are designed to fund two primary purposes. These two purposes are 1) hiring new firefighters to attain compliance with NFPA and OSHA regulations and 2) recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters.

Part one can be obtained by any fire department that meets the minimum requires such as having a DUNS number. You can find information at to obtain your DUNS number if you do not have one currently. Part 2 of the program can be obtained by Volunteer or Combination departments. For the purposes of this grant, combination departments are classified as those agencies who are made up of more than 50% volunteers on their rosters.

Many people place their funding in peril because they do not follow the regulations for the entire grant process. Prior grant guidance documents for this program have mentioned that the grants administrators can require your agency to provide documentation from your governing organization prior to the awarding that they are committed to the entire 5 year process.

We wish you well in this endevour and hope that you are able to use this wonderful asset to grow your organization to a point they are able to increase the level of service provided to the public, and most of all as a method to ensure our safety as firefighters and that each and every firefighter, EMT, paramedic, and police officer are able to return home after their shift.

Stay Safe...