Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Station Funding

I work for the Town of Lexington, Oregon. We are a small rural community in Northeastern Oregon. We are currently looking for Grants to fund the construction of a new fire station. In 2009 we received a FEMA pre-mitigation disaster grant to move our Town Hall and Fire Station out of the Floodway. We have re-located Town Hall to an older re-modeled building. Unfortunately the FEMA funds were not enough to build a new station. We have some money from the FEMA Grant left, as well as donated property for the new station. We have applied for several local grant programs here in Oregon and are awaiting answers from them. If you have any suggestions or advice you can offer it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for contacting us. The best advice I have is to contact your regional office of the US Department of Agriculture and inquire about their community Facilities Program. The program provides grants. low interest loans and loan guarantees to build or renovate fire stations among other uses. To qualify for the program you must have a population of less than 20,000 and have a median household income that is less than your state’s. At this time of the year the program is probably out of funds but they will have a new budget in October. If you are not familiar with your regional office of USDA you can go to to locate their contact information. Good luck.

-FireGrantsHelp Team

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